The Perfect Match

Recruitment of medical specialists to every situation.
Whether you need is acute or permanent we can help.

POWERCARE A/S has 17 years’ experience in the recruitment and temp business.

Our specialty is the recruitment of medical specialists to fit the needs of the client. Whether this be a short term or long-term fixed contracts, we have the nurse, midwife, doctor, or physical therapist to fit your needs.

POWERDOC A/S is POWERCARE´s sister company which primarily recruits specialist and teams of specialists to global positions in hospitals and private clinics. So if you are looking for that doctor with specific qualifications, let us help you locate them. POWERDOC A/S is also our international brand and is able to provide all professions within the health care spectrum to our international customers.

POWERCARE A/S is also a supplier of qualified medical help to the homecare market. We supply everything from nurses, nurse assistants, nurse aids, and pedagogues to local institutions in Denmark.

POWERDOC´s morals and quality insurance
Our company morals, ethics, and quality checks guarantee our clients the best professionals on the market. We personally interview and check our candidate’s work ethics to ensure our clients the perfect match every time. We work closely with the individual client and candidate to ensure continuality and a positive client/candidate relationship. Our candidates come solely from the northern European countries and are highly educated in their specialties.

As an extra security to our clients, we have built in continual candidate checks to make sure that our candidates remain as the best health care service providers on the market.

POWERDOC´s largest client has been for many years the Scandinavian countries. We have been one of the top suppliers to hospitals and private clinics in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. We have since our start also recruited clients in Greenland, England, the UAE, and New Zealand.

All of our candidates who partake in employment opportunities in these markets, go through and intense authorization process in the country of the given opportunity.

Career possibilities
For all of our candidates, the positions we offer are of great variety in both the Scandinavian countries and the international scene.

100 % Danish company!

Owner and nurse Lisbeth Sejer founded POWERCARE A/S in the year 2000.

Sister company POWERDOC A/S was established in the year 2009.

Lisbeth Sejer is the sole owner of both companies.

Jesper Wium, the company’s long time director of economy was appointed the new Adm. Director - CEO July 1, 2015.

Jointly, POWERCARE A/S and POWERDOC A/S also have a very talented group of individual managers. They are all well-educated, and have been with the company for years giving them an inside specific knowledge of our client and candidate wishes, as well as very hands on approach to each company.